Established office in 1993

Notary office in Košice

Notary services right in the historical city centre

Reputable notary office

Right in the heart of the old town on Hlavná Street next to the National Theatre

We provide services such as certification of facts as well as custody of documents in a very short time. The notary office of notary JUDr. Daniela Kováčová is located in the centre of Košice, where you can come and handle simple notarial acts within a few minutes during your lunch break.


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Why is the help of a notary worth it?

Notary + electronic services = modern service point where you can arrange signature verification and other notary services while you wait

What we do

We have been providing all notary services for over 30 years.


Entries in the register of public sector partners

Enrolment in the RPVS is compulsory in the case of a contract with the public sector.

Guaranteed Document Conversion

Guaranteed conversion in order to preserve the legal effects of the original document and its usability for legal transactions.

Notarial deeds on legal acts

Drawing up a notarial deed is often the surest form of recording a legal act.

Certification of legally relevant facts

At the request of a party, the notary shall certify facts which could be the basis for the exercise of rights or which could cause legal consequences.

Notarial central registers, court commissariat and depositories

Notarial central registers are public lists maintained by the Chamber in electronic form, in which the data provided for by law are entered.

Verification of documents, signatures and photocopies

The notary office can also notarize all photocopies upon presentation of the original. Likewise signatures and documents of a different nature.

In the words of our clients

"Super attitude, everything great, very pleasant professionals."
Dominik S.
"Maximum professional approach. Very helpful assistants. I needed more x to deal with documents abroad and they were always able to help. 100% satisfaction."
Lenka J.
"Professional notary service of a high standard, beautiful surroundings."
Jozef A.